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National and international land transportation

Our main area of emphasis in the HGV sector is in the processing of partial or complete loads throughout the entire European area.

With our fleet of vehicles perfectly adapted to your needs, we provide trouble-free transportation of your goods. Our modern, reliable equipment also respects the environment, as our vehicles meet at the least a Euro 5 exhaust standard. The first Euro 6 vehicles are already in use.

For your most urgent delivery needs we also offer a 24 hour per day courier service which takes your goods directly to your customer without the known risk of reloading.

Daily departures to European capitals help you to react to the requirements of the market.

Our connections to international electronic freight networks increase efficiency and reduce empty trips, which also benefits the environment.

We work with you to provide suitable pricing.

Efficient, reliable and always on time!

We offer you reasonable rates to all world destinations by having direct contact to the most efficient airlines in the air freight business.

By means of a global net of correspondents we are able to offer you a door-to-door service and even a trade fair service on the spot.


As an IATA CARGO AGENT we offer worldwide air freight services, outgoing as well as incoming ones. We are serving you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Please contact us if you have urgent air freight.

Organisation from
overseas FCL/LCL

Utilizing the best contacts with shipping companies, we organize overseas FCL/LCL or roll-on roll-off-shipments to all destinations worldwide.

Having the best connections to seaports, we are in a position to provide the most suitable equipment for you.

No matter what type of container is needed -- whether it's a 20' or 40' container, an open top, a flat or a high cube, or merely conventional shipment -- we can offer all options in line with market conditions, including door-to-door service, due to our excellent connections with the best carriers and correspondents in the most economically important regions of the world.


We know that time is very precious!

International logisticservices


Aircraft on ground. An emergency for major airlines, private jets and logistics companies around the world.

The supply of aircraft spare parts is one of our specialties.
We offer you an express service on the same day.

Our experienced employees set all levers in motion at top speed so that you can take off again as quickly as possible.
Ship spares

We deliver across all 7 seas. On request within 24 hours to almost any place in the world.

Whether it is a critical spare parts delivery or just meeting a delivery date, we deliver your goods 24/7 directly to the ship.

For all necessary processes such as customs clearance and payment transactions, etc., we are well prepared.

Book your masterly logistic performance for your international crowd-pleaser. You will receive thundering applauses, we your acclamations.

When stage settings are being shipped through the global oceans in sea containers and costumes are crossing countries on semitrailers it is sure that you need inexpensively logistic professionals for your international crowd-pleaser.


It doesn’t matter if Tosca or The Magic Flute - you deliver emotions, we handle your equipment.
Premium services for your premiere.

We are combining various shipping modes with our logistics-know-how and our well-practised network of partners for your worldwide guest performances.


From triangle to piano ...
just-in-time is our rhythm.

When Stradivari is travelling from Shanghai and Singapore directly to Recklinghausen, the transport is a masterly performance.

Our Expertise, ILS performance variety and adequate accuracy of our travel manager is defining. The accurate planning of our event logistics still leaves you space for improvised developments.



YOU create the unforgettable moments, WE offer the reliable transport for TV shows, concerts, tours, trade fairs, corporate events or road shows. We take pride in knowing the show business to be able to fulfil your needs.

For example, we can provide special vehicles for your event, such as mega- or dancefloor box trailers, equipped with a ramp so as to enable unloading your flight cases without a fork-lift truck. We have the right equipment as well as experienced road crews who accompany your road show and stand by you with their good advice.

We work with you to determine suitable pricing.


We provide worldwide courier service from sender to consignee for especially urgent transports. Do you need an experienced courier service that can deliver your goods, without the risk of reloading, in a way that is direct, fast and secure?

We offer you express services by land and air transport.Our service is efficient, reliable and always on time.

For all types of inquiries, please contact us by phone so that we may respond as quickly as possible.


If, for whatever reason, your storage space is insufficient, we can help.

Avoid bottlenecks by using our storage space of up to 4,000 square metres (approximately 13,000 square feet), which is dry, roofed, heated, and has covered ramps.

Also, packing and long term storage is no problem in our warehouse.

Ask us what we can do for you.